School Management System

Exam Module , Fee , Automatic attendance and full automatic SMS system

Our School Management System is implemented implemented over 50 schools and colleges now its error free.

Still if any client want amendments we are happy

Our School Management System


It's easy to upgrade in the future as your grows.

School Management System<

Our Application covers following areas

Additional features Included as Standard

Our Application covers following areas

Inventory Management





Item Discount

Item Stock

Vender Management

Vender Detail

Vender Payment

Vender Debit/Credit Notes

Employee Management

Employee Detail

Sale Target

Extra Wages

Employee Login

Employee User Access Rights

Customer Management

Customer Detail

Customer Goods Detail

Customer Level Discount (Freight/ Extra) Customer Debit/ Credit Notes

Customer Payments

Customer Reports

Expense Management

Daily Expense Detail

Expense Reports

Vehicle Management

Vehicle Daily Routes

Vehicle Routes Logs

Meter Reading


Mileage Reports Area wise

Stock Management

Item Stock In/ Out Detail

Stock Transfer Detail

Store Detail


Sale Invoice

Return Invoice

Wholesale Invoice

Retail Invoice

Invoices Reports

Coupon Scheme

Coupon Scheme Detail

Coupon Customer Detail

Coupon Awarded Detail

Coupon Scheme Reports


Customer Wise Reports

Order booker Wise reports

Item Wise reports

Company Wise Reports

Area/ City Wise Reports

Account Ledgers Reports

Sales Reports

Order Forms Reports

Coupon Scheme Reports

Area Listing Reports

Other Futures

SMS On Payment and Invoice

SMS Broadcast

Order Forms

Sale Target Forms

Daily Backup


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