Web Design-Connect yourself with a Company which Built Search Engine Friendly Design and hooks you on the top! Create Value added to our clients thats Sardar Ayaz  Web Solutions, Motto!

 In fast moving world everything depends upon online services. Now a day’s companies are ranked on the base of how well the companies goals, purpose, specializations, service and location is presented online.

 Sardar Ayaz  Web Solutions is a leading web development company that specialized in SEO based designing which provides a comprehensive web products, solutions and internet outsourcing. We mainly do Web Site Design, web script and application, web programming, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and submission and internet marketing, readymade web site packages, Internet Advertising, search engine and web directory solutions, portal development, Software Development, link exchange services, Data Entry, Data Conversion and customer online support solutions to our clients which helps to keep clients website on the top of ranking in search engines and helps potential client to achieve their leads.

 Customer is the King . Our creativity starts when we emphasis on the need of our clients and also the behaviour of the visitors who support the clients. We keep certain things in mind when we create a web page for you.

 Which type of visitors visit your site. What type of information should be kept on Home Page. Built website based on Search Engine Optimization[SEO].

 Our Website Design Principles:

 We make all our website designs conform to the following rules:

 W3C standards-compliant

  • Cross-browser consistancy
  • Clear navigation, to make the site easy to use
  • Make text easy to read
  • Organise content in an intuitive manner
  • Make the website reflect the personality of the company

 Website Maintenance

 We are one of the leading names among website Maintenance Company of Pakistan and have client all around the world. Website maintenance is most important to retain shape and position in goggle search engine. Without maintenance website cannot become productive.

 Creating a website is not that of an ascending task but it need some effort to uphold and maintain a smooth, hassle free website which is up to date and can increase business profits. We have years of experience and expertise as a website maintenance company and we have realized that maintenance is a more costly affair than building a website. So we decided to help our valued customers with best quality and economical website maintenance services.

 We are here at serve you. If you want to continue updating your website , let us do it for you and we will leave no stone unturned to prove our mettle. There are main areas of website maintenance and web site managements and are getting wide day by day.

 Maintenance of website includes:

 Update of content: Any website must have up to date, current and accurate content. If a website can provide updated contents then visitors return to the website often to meet their content need and this generates the traffic and profit subsequently. There also should be old articles, comments and other information maintained in an archived setup for prompt references.

Up gradation of Technology: Technology is consistently under transition and if timely up grading is not exercised then a website appears to look out of date. Besides, if any component of the site starts malfunctioning then also up gradation is need of the hour to deal with it.

Back up of information: To avoid any emergency occurrences and situation, we, as a dedicated website maintenance Company in Pakistan keep regular backup of Files and Data. It is very significant in terms of maintaining Continuity of Business.

We also come with added features and services like-

 Customer support, forum moderating and any kind of database management

  • Monitoring of web server, Database Server, Web services, Payment gateway and Third party services which may affect your website’s uptime
  • Community development and marketing